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About US

Why to choose LetCoinShop?

LetCoinShop is aimed to be used in all areas. The currency is using for Real estate, automotive, solar Energy, High Tech, online shopping and in electronic devices. Our idea is to build a large community behind LetCoinShop together that’s why we created projects that will support our cryptocurrency to be used in daily life.

As blockchain technology gains success and proves its functionality in many cryptocurrencies, various organisations are attempting to harness its transparency and fault tolerance to solve problems in scenarios where numerous untrusted actors get involved in the distribution of resources. With LetCoinShop users will solve most of their problems of their payments.

By providing the best service to control and pay subscriptions, LetCoinShop's vision is to build a strong community of both crypto users and users who didn’t necessarily have exposure to crypto in the past. Only together, supporting each other, LetCoinShop users can save more money.

Benefits of Using Our Solutions

Some of the benefits of Binance Smart Chain include: A rich and growing digital asset ecosystem powered by Binance DEX, the leading decentralized exchange. Cheap transaction fees that reach as low as 1 cent. High performance with a network capable of producing a block every 3 second.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Our Binance Based Token will Focus on DEXs.

Instant Exchange

Instant Exchange

After our pre-sell we are going to publish listed Exchanges.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

The application that will be on will be e-shopping app and a wallet as well.

Strong Network


You will be able to shop with your coin

Currency Convertor


$ 35929,057609 (1.32%)


$ 2501,515637 (5.32%)


$0.10 (15.64%)

Token Allocation

The use of Let Coin Shop (LCS) is as below; 100 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) will be provided for masternode.
200 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) locked on cold wallet.
20 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) for advertisement.
20 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) for the team.
160 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) on circulation in total.
When %80 of 50 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) sold with the community confirmation 50 million Let Coin Shop (LCS) will be sent to circulation from cold wallet.

Pre-Sale third level will end in


10.000 LCS = $1000


25.000 LCS = $2500


50.000 LCS = $5000




  • BNB: bnb1adwsa90w798mhev4q5ztacafzqf6424w8vjadj
  • BTC: bc1qmk425ytm24w5lxc32q8wn90edr3eqctcgxyw28
  • ETH: 0x162B15a3C0ca6d9800A5588A393614a0F7ce767e
  • After withdrawal, please write an email to info@letcoinshop.com send transactions TX And your LetCoinShop LCS wallet to receive your LCS TOKEN.

Road Map

Let Coin Shop is aimed to be used in all areas. The currency is using for online education mostly, online shopping, electronic devices, Real estate, automotive, solar Energy.


List of stock exchanges we are in.


List of our partners.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever your payment confirmed by our team, your Token will be sent to the wallet you provide immediately.
The payments are only by crypto currencies so anyone from any place in the world can participate in our Token Sale.
No we don’t have a KYC process for the Token but we have it for our E-Shopping only.
The percentage for the sale is given above but if there will be unsold Token of the percentage of the sale it will be used for advertisement.
You can Participate with the below given Crypto Currencies; We prefer Binance (BNB) but you can also pay with Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH) Tron (TRX), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT).