How To Contribute

Invest in the future of local producers

By contributing to the token sale you agree to accept the Token Sale Agreement Reward: 1 LCS for every 0.10 $ of your contribution excluding ICO related bonus rewards.
Example Transaction: 1000 $ in BTC-ETH-BNB = 20 000 LetCoinShop Tokens + 10% Pre ICO Bonus (2 000 LetCoinShop Tokens) = 22 000 LetCoinShop Tokens.

Manual Payments

You will need an BEP20 complaint wallet to receive LetCoinShop Tokens for manual payment options. We recommend using TRUST WALLET which you can download for free.
Min 100 $ for payments / converted.

LetCoinShop Tokens ETH Address: 0x162B15a3C0ca6d9800A5588A393614a0F7ce767e
LetCoinShop Tokens BNB Address: bnb1adwsa90w798mhev4q5ztacafzqf6424w8vjadj
LetCoinShop Tokens BTC Address: bc1qmk425ytm24w5lxc32q8wn90edr3eqctcgxyw28

Pay with mulitple cryptocurrency tokens using any Exchange (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, BTG, WAVES, ETC, DODGE, DGB, XMR, TRX, DASH, BNB)

After contribution, please fill in bellow the form.

LetCoinShop tokens will be sent to your address Crypto Currency that you provide within 5 days.
All funds received will be used for Platform Development, Exchange Listings, Marketing, Legal, Mobile and Web Wallets Development, and General Partnerships.

Thank you for supporting the LetCoinShop Platform